"Light Conquers All" and the art of Carolina Ellenbogen
"Carolina Ellenbogen, a contemporary artist working in oil and acrylic paints, transfers the essence of shattered light into her work in her series "When the Light Breaks into Pieces" and presents a controlled architectural vision in her series "When the Light Folds". As she enters into a semi-emotional realm, the warmth of light is felt across her canvases, exposing them to the possibility of existing in a much larger scale. What is seen, is not all that there is. Beyond the confines of the canvas, her work of infinite breaks within the solid plane exists."
The Color Field Narratives - the Worlds are Flat
Ellenbogen strives to communicate a color story with as few clues as possible. Elusive by nature, his photography grasps the silhouettes of the world around us without exploiting it through a hyper-focused lens. An acknowledgment of natural beauty, the tender world in which we live appears soft through the eyes of this photographer.