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What Remains | Treasured Memories

Katrin Waite

What Remains | Treasured Memories

East-German-born, Shushan NY-based artist Katrin Waite is currently featured at Ellenbogen Gallery. The solo show, “What Remains | Treasured Memories”, presenting paintings created over six years, from 2014 to present, will be featured from Saturday, July 25th through Saturday, September 5.

“Katrin is very prolific,” says Michael & Carolina Ellenbogen after culling an extensive collection, filling every square inch of space in the artist’s studio, home studio and home, down to 60+ paintings. “The hardest part was eliminating artworks, but in the end, we identified five major and two minor groupings with strong artistic identities and curated around them.”

Memory never comes as a whole,” says Katrin. “Right from the moment of its origin it is broken. Then it chooses its own path. When I paint, I capture the fragile nature of memory in its endless facets. Over the course of this ongoing pandemic, time takes its own space. I don’t have time, it has me.”

Katrin’s artistic development began in early childhood. A self-trained artist, she began to paint actively after relocating from her native Germany to the United States at the turn of the century. The colors of the American landscape and the subtleties of Native American art influenced her artwork deeply and her background as a historian provides her with complex patterns of understanding about human memory.

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