Mary Fran Lloyd

Life in the Abstract

Through April 2021
Ongoing Exhibition

Cornucopia of Color

The show continues online...
From Reg Darling

Impressions from the Faroe Islands

Continuing Online
From Lynne Averill

Abstract on Wood Panel

Continuing Online


Expressing life's feelings through art has been a most rewarding experience. For me, abstract art allows the vehicle to best share these feelings with you... by using color, shape, line & movement.

Color: soft & gentle... brilliant withexcitement,
at times, dark with sadness & drama.
Shapes: small & delicate... large & powerful.
Movement: creating pathways through the painting...
the story... straight to the heart.

Feel the ups & downs and realize the "sameness"
that we allshare in our everyday lives,
as we all strive towards total acceptance & equal justice.

Visit "Life in the Abstract" online or visit Ellenbogen Gallery to view the exhibition on the Eg. ArtWall at any time from the promenade.

Mary Fran

An Archipelago of Darling’s Paintings in Manchester

“Impressions from the Faroe Islands” is a collection of watercolor paintings from the “Journal” series created by Reg Darling following his trip to the mountainous archipelago in the North Atlantic, in May of 2019.

Reg Darling “Eg. Live” where he shares impressions from the Faroe Islands, highlights from his creative process, performs a reading of one of his related essays and answer questions  from viewers is accessible by clicking - HERE.

experience darling's impressions from the faroe islands in this slideshow...

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