Michael D Ellenbogen

Michael D Ellenbogen was born in New York City in 1966 (a great year, as far as years go) and spent the better part of that year being towed around Washington Square Park in a little red wagon. He was not consulted when the family decided to move to upstate NY around 1969, but was introduced to black and white photography and had access to his father’s darkroom from a very early age.

He photographs people, the landscape and architecture with a street photographer’s sensibility and also abstract images that feature textures and color with an eye inspired by the school of color field painting, using the camera as a painter would use a paintbrush. Michael calls this series of works with color as a subject, Color Field Photography.

He studied art, film and literature at the University of Vermont. He is producing a documentary feature, IT HAPPENED OVER LUNCH, tracing the history of the iconic Four Seasons Restaurant’s 57 years in the Seagram Building. He continues to produce photographic artworks and is expanding his collection of mixed-media artworks in the ESSENTIALS series. He is married to another artist, Carolina Ellenbogen, and together they run Ellenbogen Gallery featuring exhibitions from emerging to established artists with a focus on contemporary, non-figurative art.

Ellenbogen's feature film production, Margarita Happy Hour, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2001. He spent 15 years working in film production and distribution in New York City and has programmed, produced, and juried film festivals since 1993 including the Brazilian Film Festival in Miami, the Florida Film Festival, the Woodstock Film Festival, Ashdod International Film Festival (Israel), Manchester International Film Festival (VT), Gen Art Film Festival, and the Shorts International Film Festival.

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