Scaldaferro Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin, 350g

Scaldaferro Handmade Brittle Torrone in Red Tin, 350g

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Scaldaferro nougat is composed of toasted Italian almonds (or walnuts, or hazelnuts, or pistachios), mixed with honey, sugar and egg whites.

The mixture, white, creamy and soft, is cooked slowly, then processed and laid by hand and wrapped hot: in this way it is possible to preserve the aroma and fragrance of all the ingredients.

One of the secrets of Scaldaferro nougat is the slow cooking in a bain-marie, not found in industrial nougat, which makes the product crumbly and unmistakable, as it is “frothy” in characteristic flakes and slightly amber-coloured. But it is also the hand laying that makes the Scaldaferro nougat so crumbly: instead of being pressed, rolled or ironed mechanically, each slat is laid flake by flake on a bed of wafer, without the addition of dyes, preservatives or chemical additives.

These nougats are produced with a very high percentage of honey and a quality that has no equal in the Italian market.

The company works, selects and uses the best Italian monofloral honeys, such as Barena saline honey, Sicilian orange honey, Calabrian rosemary honey, Sicilian medlar honey, Apulian cherry honey, Sicilian almond honey, Tuscan coriander honey, Sulla Abruzzese honey, Sardinian strawberry tree honey.

Almost all regions and excellences of Italian beekeeping are represented!


Let’s see the ingredients in detail directly from their own website:

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