Qantu Chocolate - Silk Road (70%)

Qantu Chocolate - Silk Road (70%)

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Made from wild Amazonian cacao enhanced by spices of the Silk Road, you won't lament getting lost on a sensational worldwide journey with this bar.

TASTING: caramel, fennel seeds, cardamom, subtle spice, warm aroma
PAIRING: herbaceous spirits e.g. gin, fortified wines, e.g. vermouth, Amaro
CACAO ORIGIN: Peru, La Mar, Ayacucho, Southern Peru Altitude: 800–800 MASL (meters above sea level)


INGREDIENTS: Cocoa beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter, spices (fennel, ginger, cassia, cardamom, white pepper, rose, star anise, longpepper, Sichuan pepper, saffron, clove)