Olasagasti Bonito Del Norte in EVOO 270g

Olasagasti Bonito Del Norte in EVOO 270g

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Bonito del Norte (white tuna), olive oil and salt.


      The Olasagasti company was founded in the 1920's on the Basque coast, and has always followed the artisan methods of traditional fishing and canning. This dedication allows Olasagasti to produce consistently high quality products. Among those products, Bonito del Norte white tuna is the most appreciated type of all the tuna in Spain. Its exquisite flavor, particular light pink color, and the low fat content in its tender meat makes it a true connoisseur's delight. Fished off the coast of the Cantabrian sea in the period between June and November, this high-quality tuna is perfect on its own, or seasoned with a splash of La Boella Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a sprinkle of sea salt.

      Origin: Spain & Portugal