Naive Porcini Dark Milk Chocolate 62%

Naive Porcini Dark Milk Chocolate 62%

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An unusual blend of flavors to surprise the palate. Porcini mushrooms are incorporated into milk chocolate, offering a distinctly Lithuanian chocolate rich with savory earthiness.

This bar is an embodiment of Naive's Forager collection. Mushrooms are an important part of Lithuanian cuisine, thriving among the dense pine forests to be found by foragers, and Naive's chocolatier Domantes collects the wild porcinis for this bar. The mushrooms are dried and added to Bolivian milk chocolate with a specifically engineered method, yielding a fudgy milk chocolate with apparent mushroom umami.

TASTING: earthy umami, porcini, savory, balanced, fudgy, rich
PAIRING: porters and stouts, IPAs, tequila and mezcal
CACAO ORIGIN: Blend, Bolivia

INGREDIENTS: cacao, sugar, cacao butter, grass-fed milk powder, wild porcini mushrooms