Naive Jaguar Tree Cacao (70%)

Naive Jaguar Tree Cacao (70%)

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Naive Theobromaz Jaguar Tree Cacao 70%

Since prehistoric times, Jaguar cacao has been used for food as well as ritual purposes. Naive gave this unique and distinctive bean a little smoky and spicy twist with this signature recipe.

Sometimes referred to the ""brain bean"" (considering its physical look as well as incredibly healthy, dietary properties), Jaguar cacao is not theobroma cacao but rather theobroma bicolor, a different genus of the theobroma family. Domantas took the brainy looking beans and immersed them in chocolate, along with a little smoked paprika.

TASTING: spice, smoke, fruits
CACAO ORIGIN: Unspecified, Wild

INGREDIENTS: wild jaguar cacao, white cacao, cane sugar, cacao butter, smoked paprika, sea salt