Maison Joseph Drouhin - Chablis Premiere Cru (2018)

Maison Joseph Drouhin - Chablis Premiere Cru (2018)

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Vineyard Site:
A blend of various Premier Cru parcels from the Domaine (Roncières, Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Moireins). They are located on either side of the Serein River, harvested and vinified separately, then assembled. The result is a harmonious whole where each wine brings its own identity.

History & tradition:
In the sixties, when the Chablis vineyards were all but abandoned, Robert Drouhin recognized the potential of this region which had been ravaged by the phylloxera disease a century before. He was one of the first Burgundy propriétaires who set about revitalizing the area.


  • The Kimmeridgian limestone contains millions of tiny marine fossils embedded in a kind of whitish mortar which may have been once the bottom of the sea...hundreds of million years ago. This marine origin gives the wines of Chablis their unique flavour.
  • Drouhin estate: 6.7 ha. (16.75 acres).
  • Average age of the vines: 29 years.


  • Biological cultivation since 1990 and biodynamic cultivation since 1999.
  • Soil maintenance: age-old methods. Ploughing: “buttage” (hilling up around the vine-stocks) in autumn; “débuttage” (ploughing back in spring); work between the rows and the vine stocks done with manual tools only.
  • Treatment: only authorized products for biological cultivation are used - infusions and macerations of plant materials, sulfur and copper, powdered rock. Natural predators are not eliminated.
  • Plantation density: 8,000 to 10,000 stocks/ha.
  • Pruning: double Guyot “Vallée de la Marne” (for its resistance to frost).
  • Yield: we aim for a lower yield, such as it existed before the new law. This yield is therefore the present maximum yield minus 20%.
  • Average yield at the Domaine: 54.93hl/ha (the yield currently authorized is now 60hl/ha).


  • Harvesting: by hand.
  • Pressing: very slow so as to respect the fruit. Juices from the last pressings are not retained.
Ageing Type:
  • In stainless steel tank
  • Length: 7-8 months.

Tasting note by Véronique Boss-Drouhin: “A dry and brisk wine, typical of Chablis. Brilliant yellow-green colour. The aromas are reminiscent of lemon, citrus, asparagus...On the palate, the first sip offers is clear-cut and fresh impression, with a nice texture. Long on the aftertaste, with fruity as well as mineral flavours; becomes slightly honeyed when the wine is more evolved”.

2018 Vintage: The 2018 wines are a reflection of this sunny vintage. The maturity of the year is carried by a subtle freshness that gives length and dynamism in the mouth. We vinified our wines on good lees which should maintain their freshness and aromatic complexity.

Serving Temperature: 52/53°F.

Cellaring: 2 to 7 years.