Jose Gourmet Trout Pate in Port

Jose Gourmet Trout Pate in Port

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Trout Pate in Port

Sweetly complex and deeply rich. This silky smooth mixture of olive oil, port wine, and sultry smoked trout will leave your palate swimming in joy.

Rainbow trout are known for their smooth and meaty flavor. When smoked by hand and combined with high quality olive oil and delightfully drinkable port wine, these treasures take on a whole new depth. This pate is smooth and packed with flavor. Perfect for a cheese board, a picnic, or any other setting shared with good friends and the setting sun.

PAIRING: sharp and sweet wines, fruited sour beer, citrus forward cocktails, port
SERVING: side-piece show stopper on a cheese board, on a salty cracker with sharp pickled veg for tapas
REGION: Portugal

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