Jose Gourmet Pickled Tuna Pate
Jose Gourmet Pickled Tuna Pate

Jose Gourmet Pickled Tuna Pate

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Trout Pate in Port

Powered by peppers, spices, and boldly unapologetic vinegar, this lusciously creamy pate is ready to surprise and delight even the most seasoned a-fish-ionados.

Escabeche, the iconic and beautiful Portuguese sauce made from vinegar, peppers, and spices is the humble, yet powerful base for the "pickled" flavor of this unique and beautiful pate. Jose makes no compromises with any of their tuna pates. Added complexity of this sharp sauce elevates the package to something that needs to be tasted to be understood.

PAIRING: chili-infused liquors and drinks made with them, crisp white wines, sharp and fruit forward IPAs
SERVING: spread on crusty sourdough with pickled onions, side-piece show stopper on a cheese board
REGION: Portugal

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