Katrin Waite

Waite’s artistic development began in early childhood and she has never stopped that learning process. A self-trained artist, she began to paint actively when she relocated from her native Germany to the United States in 2001. The colors of the American landscape and the subtleties of Native American art influenced her artwork deeply. Her background as a historian provides me with complex patterns of understanding about human memory.

As the artistic journey proceeded, she brought interactive perspectives, external layers, shapes, memories to her work. Her art expresses a deep-seated respect for nature and for cultures. The integration, the expression, the portrayal of these remains a challenging process that calls for the continuous transformation of her own perceptions and receptions. Her stories turn into a transcendent path to the individual background of the viewer.

For years she worked largely with acrylics. As her paintings gained complexity the choice of media grew. Each theme, each motif, each issue called for its own approach, its own media to express it. That led her from acrylics to oil paint, to liquid metal, to mixed media, to rust. As this process unfolded, she introduced graphic elements into her paintings. She continues to approach each work as a learning process, careful to balance media and composition.

For her, art triggers or extends an illusion about the outside world. In each work she plays with layers, transparency, shapes. She strives to offer a subjective extract of the visual essence of this outside world. This serves as an invitation to the viewer to place himself or herself within the beauty of nature, to experience its unlimited perceptions, to become part of the journey.

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