Dashfire Chai'Walla Bitters

Dashfire Chai'Walla Bitters

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The Vagabond Series: In a word: exploration!

The Vagabond Series is born out of our love of travel and exploration. Having lived and traveled abroad the Egberts enjoy immersing themselves in unique places that offer up not only different point of view but also new flavors and aromas. The collection, including Chinese Inspired, Chai'Walla and Mole Bitters encapsulates their favorite flavors from just a few of the amazing places they've been.

Inspired by their time in India and Sri Lanka, Chai'Walla Bitters is full of spices and new to the Dashfire line of bitters. It is chai tea based mixed with ginger juice, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and black pepper and the flavor will transport you straight to the street chai'walla tea vendors of India. Add a few drops to a cocktail or to a glass of milk and sugar. Each batch is handcrafted in St. Paul, Minnesota.



White Russian
Old Fashioned
Hot Toddy
Mai Tai


Dashfire is a family business run by Lee and Dawn Egbert.

Lee is driven by an unending curiosity coupled with an appetite for travel and a desire to learn all he can about the flavors and spices of different cultures. Lee lived abroad in China for a year and a half, and has also traveled extensively in Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Guatemala, and Belize, where he had the opportunity to learn first-hand about local herbs and spices as well as spirits and food.

The inspiration for all Dashfire products is drawn from these experiences and flavors.

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