Alfred Perry

Alfred Perry is a career artist working in a wide range of styles from classic oil still life, land & seascapes to insightful abstract multimedia works. His ability to work successfully in so many styles is a tribute to his skills as an artist.


Perry received his BFA degree in painting from Massachusetts School of Art in 1953. Assigned to military duty in Europe, he participated in the restoration of murals in Austria and sketched throughout Europe, with a focus in Trieste, Italy. He exhibited his work in the first Boston Art Festival, Boston’s Jordan Shows and is currently represented in galleries in New York, Boston and New England, as well as in private and corporate collections. Although many of his oil paintings are impressionistic, Perry works abstractly and with mixed media as well, reaching back to his early roots from the 1950s.


Perry’s work generally had a good sales record in galleries, art centers and associations. His commissioned work was also successful. In the past decade he reunited himself in his abstract roots and exhibited in galleries in Natick, Massachusetts – on one occasion, 9 abstract collages were hanging in large grid, each for sale independently, but one of the first visitors to the exhibit bought the whole set which now hangs as they saw it in the gallery on a large wall in their house.


Although relatively new to the abstract art market, his abstract work has been met with favorable response.

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